Founded in 2016, WePropagate was started with the goal of working more closely with clients and building a lean, mean creativity machine (got a little carried away with rhyming there) that had the ability to design killer projects while working remotely. Creating a healthy work-life balance for our team as well as ensuring high client satisfaction on every project is our “secret sauce” (okay, not that secret but we’re proud to say we achieve both).

Work Desk with Computer and Plants

Our values

We are an equal opportunity business and strongly believe that diversity is key to creating talented, experienced teams who dream up fantastic digital products. We know having a strong relationship on both ends is fundamental for long-term success, which is why we put both our colleagues and clients first.

Values: Craftmanship


Values: Dedication


Values: Flexibility


Values: Creativity


Values: Impact


Values: Inclusivity


Values: Honesty


Meet the Team

Alberto Roig
Lead Developer

Alberto was born in Peoria, Illinois, raised in Venezuela, and lived in Egypt for some time. He has 16 years of professional web design and development experience under his multinational belt. His love of travel and art, especially records, prints, and posters helped inspire him to become a creative and front-end developer. When his workday wraps up, you can catch him adding and listening to his collection of mostly salsa records as well as collecting mid-century modern and vintage prints and posters. If you’re looking for someone to go to a vintage market with, he’s your guy.

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Margarita Contreras
Visual Designer

Originally from Mexico, Maggy is an independent Art Director & Graphic Designer based in Italy. Her work is to concept and develop ideas for advertising. Working with We Propagate allows her to get to know the agency’s unique clients and create custom design solutions with a fun twist. In her spare time, you can find her working on her sewing machine, learning a new skill, or failing spectacularly in the kitchen.

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Giles Partington
Front-End Developer

Giles lives and breathes digital. Throughout his agency career, Giles has been instrumental in concepting and developing digital & traditional pieces that help grow client's business. In fact, when one needs creative that truly connects their brand to current and potential customers, or when you just need someone to help do something awesome, he delivers, and then some. He's helped design and build web and mobile experiences for clients ranging from startup to national and global brands. Beyond the digital world, Giles is simply a great thinker and extremely talented designer and developer. On a typical day you can probably find him sketching, planning, designing, or knee-deep writing code.

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Eric Martineau

Eric Martineau
Marketing Manager

Eric was born in Montreal, Quebec. His areas of expertise are brand communities, digital advertising, and lead generation. He specializes in developing and optimizing digital and social marketing campaigns and has a background in e-commerce. One of the things he is most proud of is being a published academic. When he isn’t reacting to market-based trends and making strategic data-driven decisions, you can find him dominating trivia nights at his local bar. He’s also "the Original Mariah Fan™, so watch out.


  • "The team is willing to go above and beyond to make sure the final product fulfills our expectations."

    Dennis Hu / Drug Hunter

  • “Thanks to WePropagate's effort, the project has gone smoothly. The team is quick to resolve any issues that arise in a collective manner. They provide regular status updates and quick meetings. Their great communication was the hallmark of their work.”

    Michael Heinrich, CEO / Joon

  • “Their work has positively benefited business by generating new business and web traffic. The team at WePropagate is skilled, creative, and friendly. Their responsiveness is also noteworthy.”

    Jose Estorino, CEO / Javatino

  • “WePropagate was perfect. We were so happy with their constant communication. They actually did more than what we expected. We needed a website that users would enjoy looking at and that would make our team proud. WePropagate achieved both of those goals. People who have seen the site were wowed by the new look and feel, they finally understand what we do.”

    Nella Morales, President / Philoscare

  • “WePropagate does their homework and looks thoroughly at the information we provide.”

    Jeanette Barreto / Phoenix House

  • "Their communication is excellent."

    Jay Blanco / Saman Arepas