It takes a lot of hard work to get a site just right, and even more once it’s live. Hackers, malware, and scams are the last things you want to deal with on top of running a business. Don’t add more tasks to your plate, let WePropagate take care of your site so you can focus on your work.

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What's Included

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24/7 Security Monitoring

We monitor your website 24/7 to keep it secure.

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Daily Cloud Backups

We backup your website to our cloud storage every day so you will never lose any data.

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Managed WordPress Updates

WordPress plugins and themes are updated on a regular basis.

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Malware Scans

Regular malware scans to help identify any security issues.

Uptime Monitoring

We get alerted if your website is down and quickly jump in to solve the issue.

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Performance Reviews

We check out the performance of your website to make sure they’re running at top speed.

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Website Reports

Detailed reports right in your inbox every month.

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Expert WordPress Support

Expert support to mentor you with any of your WordPress questions.

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Website Improvements

If you need a quick change or a whole new section designed and developed on your website, we can help (Digital Pro plan)

Our plans

Digital Starter

starts at
  • Perfect for freelancers, solopreneurs, small businesses
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Daily Malware & Website Blacklisted Checks
  • Daily Cloud Backups
  • Weekly Managed WordPress Updates (Core, Plugin, and Themes)
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Performance Reviews
    (Google PageSpeed & Yahoo! YSlow)
  • Personal Spot Checks For Errors
  • Emergency Recovery (up to 1 time per year)
  • Monthly Website Report

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I change my plan or cancel at anytime?

    Yes, our plans are billed monthly so you can signup for one month of support and cancel or switch your plan at any time after the first month.

  • What are your support hours?

    Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm EST

  • How does your technical support work?

    We use support tickets in lieu of phone calls. We want to make sure that all communication is documented and clear.

  • Do you give any discounts if I want you to manage more than one site?

    Yes, contact us for details. We work with agencies too.

  • What do you need in order to set up support on my site?

    WordPress username and password, your email, and your phone number. These credentials are private and will never be shared with anyone not associated with WePropagate. As a second option, you can create a new administrator account for us and we will take it from there.

  • What happens if a plugin or theme update breaks my site?

    We can fix it. The site is immediately rolled-back-back to the backup state taken prior to performing the update then we investigate what was the issue.

  • Do you offer web hosting?

    We work with WP Engine and Siteground to host your website. You own your hosting account and provide access to us for doing our work. If you are happy with your current hosting service we can happily work with that too.

  • What if I need help with something that is not covered by my plan?

    We are happy to create a custom quote for any of your needs.