WePropagate is made up of a diverse and dedicated team of overachievers who thrive off of creating exciting, user-friendly products that STAND OUT in the marketplace. We’ve got both design and development under one roof, which is one of the reasons we consistently make projects that rock. We’re also the friendliest bunch you’ll ever meet.

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Visual design

It takes just a few seconds to form an opinion about someone or something (yes, it’s true, look it up). Let us help you make a great and lasting first impression. We’re pros at all things visual, it’s what captivated us as young kids and got us into this industry. We know how important it is to create a unique identity, it’s a make or break type deal and we take it very seriously. When we’re not churning out awesome branding, we’re staying on top of the latest visual trends the internet throws at us.

Web Design & Development

We believe this is the epitome of a symbiotic relationship. When a website strikes the perfect balance between style and purpose to create the ideal user experience, we cry a little tear of joy. Design and functionality are like dancing the Tango. If both sides are doing their part, the outcome is beautiful and flows well. However, any missteps can throw everything off. Fortunately, we’re great dancers.

WordPress Support

A finished site is only one piece of the puzzle. It needs maintenance and upkeep, just like any valuable machine. We offer website maintenance plans to keep everything working and secure and believe all websites should come with a warranty since they house such important information about your business. Don’t let your website keep you up at night, sleep easy knowing WePropagate’s got everything handled 24/7.

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Wireframes with pen and paper

Below is exactly what you can expect when working with us. We always aim to exceed expectations and put a lot of love into what we churn out. Our process is a culmination of experience over years that we have finessed in order to make things as smooth (and fun) as possible.

01 Discovery & Planning

It’s time for our project to kick-off! This is where our team sits down and does some serious research about your business while ensuring that we have all of the necessary tools and assets to start on your project. We set deadlines, outline our scope of work, and make sure you are involved every step of the way.

02 Site Architecture & Content

Creating both of these components helps to lay the groundwork of your website project. They guide us in getting the project just right. We will develop a sitemap to show exactly where every page belongs. Depending on what we have agreed on, we will either create content or receive it from you. Content is what helps create the structure and design of a site.

03 Wireframing

This is the “rough draft” stage of the project. We create a basic structure around the content and assets we have received and share it with you for feedback. Looking at wireframes takes a little imagination because it won’t have all the bells and whistles, but it does help give everyone an idea of what the final product will look like.

04 Design

Here we get our creative juices flowing and create something uniquely beautiful for you. It’s not just about appearances though, we work hard to come up with a strategic design that accurately fits your business needs, industry and is attractive to your target audience.

05 Development

This is where our developers get to spread their wings and do what they do best: bring a site to life. After the design is approved, we’ll get straight to work on making sure that all of the necessary components of the site are user-friendly and functional. This stage is typically the longest due to the nature of the work and our perfectionism.

06 Quality Assessment & Review

Our hawk-eyed Quality Assessment team will comb through every corner of the site to make sure everything reads well, looks good, and most importantly, works exactly how it should. We then send you the final product for your digital sign off along with an air high five.

07 Launch time

Drumroll…the moment we’ve all been waiting for! This is where we hit the shiny green button (it’s a little more complex than that, but you get the idea) and your site goes online for the world to see. We pop champagne bottles, clink glasses, and celebrate a job well done. The work doesn’t stop here though!

08 Evaluation

Website projects need constant upkeep and maintenance, especially during the first weeks of going online, which is why we include 30 days of website monitoring for all of our projects. This is where we take a look at what is and isn’t working, and we make improvements to help reach your business goals that are within the agreed scope.

09 WordPress Care Services

We’re with you for the long run, that’s why we offer various levels of WordPress care services to keep your site running just right. Our WPcare is basically a website insurance policy that makes sure your site’s health and security are always operating at an optimal level. You can sleep easy knowing that we’re keeping an eye on things.