Our 5 Favorite Design Trends For 2021

So, if there’s one thing that we can probably all agree on, it’s the fact that 2020 sucked. In the midst of all the suckery though, this year’s upheaval made way for some pretty cool and innovative design thinking. Art truly does imitate life and the designs that are coming out of the quarantine era are no different. Large distorted text, mismatched color combinations, dystopianism, and a bigger focus on nature are a few of the trends we have seen emerge from this defining moment in the collective human experience. 

While we are counting down the days for this year to end, we are even more excited to see what the creative world has in store for us in 2021. Take a look below to see our favorite design trends for the upcoming year:

Clashing color combinations

A lot of stuff didn’t make sense this year. That may have been a source of inspiration for non-complimentary color combinations in graphic design and we are here for it. Not only does this speak to how this year felt, but it’s also a really good way to make something extremely memorable.


Nature really made a comeback this year and the trend seems to be sticking around. Lockdowns and quarantines forced people to stay home and reconnect with the outside world, which was great news for the planet! Now, more than ever, we are turning to and want brands who are fighting the good fight. We are more willing to make informed decisions on where we spend our money, what we put into our bodies and how our spending affects the natural world, which has lead to a rise in sustainable design. 

Responsive clutter

We love this title since that’s how we feel about our brains! It’s messy, but it works. Responsive clutter makes the user interact with the website to “uncover” more details about a particular product or a page that they are on. What better year to roll out this out of the box and intriguing design style? 

Techno Dystopia

The description is kind of in the name but the idea behind this trend is the fact that for eons humans love discussing the end of the world. It comes as no surprise then that 2020 stroked that fire even more. Futuristic designs and places in disarray with hazy, orange, red, and pink hues may be something we see a lot more of. We definitely all thought the world was ending at some point in 2020, so it’s techno dystopia’s time to shine.

Returning to retro

The thought of “the good old days” probably never crossed our minds as much as it did in 2020, which is why retro design is making a huge comeback. We all needed some comforting this year, and it looks like we’ll be getting it next year too. With color palettes and designs pulling at our nostalgic heartstrings, we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of this trend into 2021. 

After such an incredulous year, we’ve all been affected and changed (hopefully for the better) and as a result, so has our taste. These are just a few of the design trends to look out for in 2021, we cant wait to see the rest. If you’re looking to spruce your website, logo, or packaging, look no further than your friends at WePropagate.

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