Drug Hunter

Some heroes don’t wear capes, they wear lab coats.

Drug Hunter is a trusted, independent source of curated, factual information for the drug discovery community. Their goal is to provide an inclusive platform that empowers, educates, and connects professional drug hunters, and celebrates the important work being done by the heroes in the industry. 

Drug Hunter was looking for a brand and website refresh that really captured the essence of their product and why it was created. The new brand and logo needed to be cutting edge but approachable, intelligent, humble and celebratory. Drug Hunter takes a celebratory approach to science, something that doesn’t occur nearly often enough. Their goal was to communicate how much they value scientists by creating a positive platform they can turn to while trying to save precious time doing scientific research. 

WePropagate took inspiration from the art of science and the invigorating energy that surrounds start-ups. The result is a site that is truly unique in its design, layout and in how it provides condensed information to the drug discovery community. Once a user reaches the site, they have access to extremely concise information related to the latest drug discoveries, events, jobs and resources available in the industry. The time-saving value that this platform provides is priceless.

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