Bringing more goodness to the world.

PhilosCare is a ​non-profit organization that supports diverse cultural, social and educational initiatives that have been helping people around the world since 2007. Their work includes construction projects, donation efforts for underprivileged schools, events sponsorship and organization, awarding scholarships, providing education, disaster relief funds and partnering with local organizations for various non-profit activities. 

WePropagate was approached by Philoscare for a complete rebranding of their logo and website as well as rewriting the copy that was presented on the site. The team was looking for a design that would give users a better sense of their services, charitable culture, and spirit.

Philoscare’s philanthropic work was a huge inspiration behind the colors that were chosen for the logo and website. Trust, growth, peace and well-being are all tied into the color pallet for new Philoscare branding and copywriting. The result is a fresh, exciting and invigorating new logo, site and copy that accurately describes Philoscare’s mission. 

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