Ransom Naturals

Keeping people healthy, naturally.

Based in the UK, Ransom Naturals is a leading developer and manufacturer of botanical extracts for the pharmaceutical, health, cosmetic, food, and drink industries. Offering complete customer solutions, from conception to commercialization and step-by-step regulatory support, Ransom Naturals is especially known for new product and process development.

Ransom Naturals is a 100+ year old pharmaceutical company that was in need of a website redesign as well as marketing material creation. Their goal was to have a more minimalistic and modern look across all marketing pieces on and offline to help educate current partners and attract new customers.

WePropagate created a website that catches the user’s eye the second they arrive at it. It took a lot of inspiration from botanical designs and implemented various elements of that all throughout the website. The result is a very attractive and digestible website that stands out among the rest. All marketing material closely followed the website design and elevated the company from outdated to modern.