Rhythmic Equations

Selling vinyl records online is an interesting juxtaposition to be in… it’s where the past meets the present. 

Rhythmic Equations is a vinyl record inventory management tool built by music lovers who saw the need to optimize the process of buying and selling records online. Their goal was to provide measurable and streamlined solutions for music aficionados and retailers looking to optimize their inventory maintenance. 

WePropagate was approached by Rhythmic Equations to create a complete branding identity kit, copy and develop a landing page that was playful, simplistic and informative.

We created a really funky logo that tells a complete product story instantaneously. The landing page was designed with a retro meets modern mindset and is meant to invoke a feeling of walking into a minimalistic record shop. The product name is inspired by song lyrics written by Sun Ra, a famous jazz composer; his cosmic and theatrical style was a huge source of inspiration for this project and helped make it unforgettable.

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