Design Trends We Were Excited About

As we continue through the year, we remain enthusiastic about the innovative ideas emerging in the world of design. The beauty of creativity is that it is limitless, consistently surprising and delighting us. Throughout the year, we’ve been noticing some trends repeatedly appearing online that we believe will gain even more traction as time goes on.

So, what are we excited to see this year? Let’s explore below

Vintage with a minimalist twist

Two of our favorite styles met and had a baby… hurray! Minimalism has been on trend for a few years now and this type of design twist takes things another step forward. The idea is clean lines and colors with a very subtle nod to any particular decade. If you’ve ever seen some of Wes Anderson’s work, he does a great job of incorporating this type of design on his sets and movies in general.

Surrealism inspired by 80’s airbrush style

Even though Y2K has been all the rage lately, this style is taking it even further back and we are here for it. Surrealism has always had a certain hold on most of us, mostly because much of the artwork is so off the wall and interesting. Now marry that with the soft, retro style of the ‘80s airbrush and you’ve got something that maybe doesn’t sound like it would go well together, but absolutely does. Welcome to this hazy dreamland we like to call home.

Mixed media

Remember when we used to make collages as kids? Talk about nostalgia. This is kind of what is happening in design more and more these days. We are seeing a meeting of these two worlds a lot. Mixed media is a great way to add pizzazz to any image and make it stand out. Given the fact that a lot of Y2K style designs are currently very on trend, it is no surprise that mixed media is gaining popularity. This is another example that really showcases the
infiniteness and joys of creativity. There really is no limit!

90s sci fi

If this style feels familiar, good. It should. This nod to the ‘90s style in terms of color usage and graphics is the feel-good visual we could all use these days. Combine that with sci-fi posters and BOOM, you’ve got a recipe for success. Remember Lisa Frank? We sure do. Imagine her incredible candy-for-your-eyes design style mixed with an intergalactic landscape. Doesn’t get cooler than that.

These are some of our favorite designs to date, some tug on our ‘90s baby heartstrings while others remind us of the power that creative thinking has. We are absolutely loving some of the combinations that have been coming out lately and cannot wait to see what the rest of this year has in store. One thing is for sure, our eyes will not be getting bored any time soon!

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