Our Top 10 Favorite Halloween Fonts Of All Time

What are two things we are absolutely obsessed with? Typography and Halloween. So in honor of both of these great loves of ours, we are doing a special post on our all-time favorite Halloween fonts! 

We’ve always admired the work that goes into creating typefaces, it really is an art all on its own. It can invoke so much feeling and emotion in a split second and brings you into a whole new world all at once. It is just magic. Halloween fonts in particular are extremely fun to look at because the sky is the limit! So without further ado…

Here are our top 10 most horrifyingly amazing fonts:


A classic and timeless font that returns us to simpler times in our lives. We all saw this font in at least one middle school classroom. Makes us miss those days!

Scary Things

With a heavy resemblance to the “Stranger Things” font, we absolutely love this in-your-face-want-to-look-away-but-you-can’t typeface. It’s bold, loud, and demands your attention like no other.

CA Weird

Need we say more? If you love anything extraterrestrial, this is your font! You just know that things are going to get weird and eerie when you see this typeface. And that’s what we love about it.


This is the exact font that would make us want to explore the scary building! A beautiful, timeless horror movie-style typeface that reminds us of our favorite houses to go trick or treating at back in the day.


Easily one of the creepier fonts on the list, even looking at these letters is a little scary. After seeing a typeface like this, you just know you whatever is down there can’t be good. 

Monster Inside

Giving us all the Frankenstein vibes! We love this typeface because it is full of personality and story. This is an all-around great Halloween font to use during any spooky occasion.


Hold on to your seats, it’s going to be a wild ride with this one! “Unstable” is the type of font you would see at the beginning of a really good thriller while enjoying that overly salted and buttered yet still delicious popcorn. 


And speaking of, this font commands attention and works well in murder mystery titles due to its very “loud” presence. It captivates and piques interest. Another classic that always hits the mark.

Counter Attack

One of our very favorites, “Counter Attack” is almost a monster all on its own. It has so much personality packed into each letter that you can’t help but admire the work that went into creating such an iconic typeface.

CA Mystery Girl

Another typeface evoking a sense of dark mystery, suspense, and unfortunate events, this font has us at the edge of our seats to find out more.

Those are hauntingly good, right? As you can see, typography plays a huge role in influencing our emotions and reactions, especially during this time of year. Now that you’ve seen this list, try to pay attention to what fonts are being used this month! 

If you are in need of any design services (spooky or not), feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy Halloween!