Accelerated Digital Media

ADM is your MVP when it comes to digital marketing.

Made up of top-tier industry professionals, ADM is a performance marketing team that builds tailor-made, scalable digital media strategies that effectively increase your revenue and expand customer acquisition channels.

ADM was looking for a brand and website redesign and wanted something more in line with its goals: to become a top employer of young professional talent in Chicago while providing unparalleled service to its customers. Company culture and their next to none client services were extremely important points to highlight across the site. ADM was looking to strike the balance between professionalism and fun as a means to stand out as an industry leader and attractive place to work.

WePropagate designed and developed ADM’s newly launched website that captures the essence of their culture and drive: professional but not buttoned up. Taking traditionally professional colors but using them in a more exciting and eye-catching manner through dynamic and playful graphics, WePropagate successfully created a website that allows for the user to immediately step into ADM’s world and understand their story, successes, and where they are going. 

In partnership with Cinco Sillas.

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