Cahn’s Bliss Co.

Easy, breezy, blissful. 

Cahn’s Bliss Company provides holistic wellness solutions through high-quality, organically grown, and hand-crafted products on all-natural, local farms in Colorado. Cahn’s Bliss CBD is sustainably made from natural hemp with a lot of love poured into every batch.

Cahn’s Bliss Company was in need of an e-commerce site that would perfectly capture the essence of their ultimate mission: to bring high-quality CBD from Colorado to your doorstep in a quick and easy way.

WePropagate took inspiration from the healing properties of Cahn’s CBD products and created an inviting, natural, and feel-good design that follows the user throughout the site. The result is a WooCommerce site that allows for a smooth purchasing experience with various beautifully layered elements that all coincide to create a beautiful, restorative user journey.

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