Reaching for something refreshing this summer? How about a rebrand!

We all know that branding can make or break a business, but many times it falls by the wayside thanks to other responsibilities that seemingly have a higher priority. We get it. But the importance of branding cannot be stressed enough. Time and time again we’ve seen clients who come to us in need of a new logo or website (sometimes both) because they are not happy with what they currently have. It’s even worse when their own customers are making comments about the design being a) outdated b) confusing or c) unappealing. Nobody wants to hear that!

While it can be overwhelming to take on another big project with so many other things going on, it can also be fun, think of a brand redesign as your company’s personality test. It’s just about taking the time to figure out how you want your brand to be perceived by the world. In the past, we’ve outlined some of the main components of a logo redesign, such as colors, shapes and fonts, they all come into play when considering a brand redesign and should be seen as great opportunities to effectively communicate your brand to your audience. 

It’s time for a rebrand if:

1) You feel that your logo doesn’t resonate with what your company stands for or represents. Maybe you’ve changed direction, values, or your mission… whatever the case is, if your company’s branding doesn’t tell your company story clearly or succinctly, you should consider rebranding.  

 2) Listen to yourself when you talk about your logo. If you find yourself making negative comments when sharing your website or business card with others, it’s time to update. You need to make sure that your brand design makes you and your employees proud, rather than embarrassed, otherwise, this will affect your success.  

3) You’ve expanded your product or service offering. If you’ve added new products or services and they are not somehow represented within your brand, you need to take the time to find a way to seamlessly integrate them, meaning it might be a great moment for a rebrand. 

4) Your logo is outdated and/or doesn’t stand out. Things are only getting more competitive out there, so you need to make sure that your branding is helping you stand out by highlighting your company’s key differentiators in a unique, relevant, and memorable way. If this isn’t the case, it’s time to rebrand.  

5) You want to attract a new audience. There is nothing more exciting than realizing that there is a new, untapped market just waiting to hear about your brand. Before going after that market, do your research and make sure that your company’s branding is aligned with their wants and needs. If you find that there is some room for improvement, it’s time for a rebrand. 

Other options

Sometimes you don’t need to do a full rebrand! If you are happy with the core design of your branding but want to make some slight tweaks or changes, a brand refresh could be a great direction to take. Whatever you choose, make sure you work with a trusted partner who will ensure that your brand gets the right treatment. And remember, change isn’t bad, it is part of the process! 

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Check out the Case Study

Check out the Case Study

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